5 Benefits of Cooperative Entrepreneurship – Is It Worth It in the Construction Industry?

Cooperative entrepreneurship offers numerous advantages that set it apart from more traditional forms of entrepreneurship. Do you know what these benefits are?

1. Cooperative Entrepreneurship - Independence and Decision-Making Power

A cooperative entrepreneur is a member of the cooperative and operates as an entrepreneur on behalf of the cooperative. Cooperative entrepreneurship provides the opportunity to manage one’s own career and finances in a way that is not possible in traditional sole entrepreneurship or salaried work. Cooperative entrepreneurs can independently decide on their work pace and projects, and are only responsible for the quality of their own work. This independence not only increases work motivation but also improves the balance between work and leisure. The cooperative supports this independence by providing a platform where entrepreneurs can operate on their own terms while still enjoying the security and resources offered by the community. 

2. Comprehensive Insurance Coverage from the Cooperative

Another significant advantage of cooperative entrepreneurship is the insurance coverage provided by the cooperative. Working in the construction industry involves significant risks that can lead to financial and personal losses. The cooperative ensures the protection of its entrepreneurs by offering the necessary insurance required in the industry. This differs significantly from the insurance protection offered by light entrepreneurship, which often remains inadequate and leaves the entrepreneur vulnerable in the event of an accident. 

3. Support from the Work Community

Cooperative entrepreneurs receive support from both their colleagues and professional networks within the platform. This support can include technical advice, business development assistance, legal advice, marketing help, or mental support. In the construction industry, where projects can be complex and challenging, community support is invaluable. It helps entrepreneurs navigate work-related challenges and advance their career development. 

4. Handling of Financial Management and Bureaucracy

A significant benefit of cooperative entrepreneurship is the handling of financial management and bureaucracy by the cooperative. The administrative burden typical for sole entrepreneurs can be heavy and time-consuming, taking away from productive work. The cooperative handles invoicing, taxation, reporting, and other administrative tasks for its entrepreneurs, allowing them to focus on their work. 

5. Membership Benefits of the Cooperative (Depending on the Cooperative)

The fifth and one of the most attractive benefits of cooperative entrepreneurship is the wide range of various membership benefits. As a cooperative entrepreneur, i.e., a member of the cooperative, you can receive discounts and benefits covering restaurants, insurance, tools, car washes, and movie nights. These benefits offer tangible savings for everyday and work needs, improving the quality of life and financial situation of the members. 


The cooperative entrepreneurship model represents a modern way to combine the freedom of entrepreneurship with the security that has traditionally been difficult to achieve for solo entrepreneurs. In the construction industry, where work is project-based and involves various risks, the benefits offered by the cooperative – such as comprehensive insurance coverage, community support, and the removal of bureaucratic burdens – are particularly valuable. These advantages not only make working safer and more meaningful but also improve financial well-being and professional development. 

Cooperative entrepreneurs get to enjoy independence without bearing the burdens of solo entrepreneurship. They can focus on their expertise and grow their business by relying on the extensive network and resources provided by the cooperative. 

In summary, cooperative entrepreneurship is an excellent choice for professionals in the construction industry. The cooperative model has proven its ability to meet the demanding needs of the construction sector, while also providing the flexibility and security that are vital to every entrepreneur. Finland’s largest construction cooperative, Eurowork, continuously accepts applications here. 

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