How to Gain More Clients in the Construction Industry? 6 Tips!

How to gain more clients?

When you want to attract more clients in the construction industry, you can utilize several typical, proven sales strategies. Below, we outline the most effective client acquisition methods – choose the ones that suit you and boost your sales!

1. Customer Satisfaction and Recommendations Are the Best Ways to Get More Clients in the Construction Industry​

Excellent work quality and customer service often lead to recommendations, which are one of the most effective ways to acquire new clients. Ensure that your current clients are satisfied with your services and encourage them to share their experiences with others. Remember to take pictures of your projects, and when possible, ask the client to appear in a short video sharing their experience. Satisfied clients can serve as valuable sources of additional income.

2. Growth Through Email Marketing and Follow-Up Calls

You might be excellent at your job, but if your network isn't extensive enough, you need to use more traditional sales models. Compile a list of potential companies that could benefit from your services. Write a few compelling email templates highlighting your expertise, past projects/recommendations, and prices. Include a link to your reference photos or your website. You can use AI (ChatGPT - e.g., "write a short marketing email for a carpenter specializing in furniture installation, priced at €35/hour") or ask for help from your office. Send the emails to your mailing list, BUT REMEMBER - add the emails as a hidden list so recipients don't see each other! Alternatively, you can use free email tools like Active Campaign or Hubspot. Once the emails are sent, give it a day for reading, then follow up with a call. It's easy to start the conversation by asking, "I sent an email, did you have a chance to read it?" NOTE! Without a follow-up call, it's unlikely you'll make a sale.

3. Boost Sales with Enhanced Customer Experience and Upselling

Develop ways to improve the customer experience throughout the project. This can include everything from strictly adhering to schedules and communicating with clients to providing detailed reports on the progress of the work. An excellent customer experience not only increases your chances of getting repeat business but also increases the likelihood of recommendations.

4. Networking and Relationship Building

Active participation in industry events, such as trade shows, seminars, and workshops, can help you create valuable relationships with other professionals in the field. Collaborating with other entrepreneurs can open doors to new projects that you might not otherwise access. You can also leverage the contacts and recommendations of other cooperative members to expand your client base!

5. Cold Calling and Cold Visits Still Bring More Clients in the Construction Industry

One of the oldest sales tools is the so-called "cold call," which involves calling a potential client you haven't previously contacted. For cold calling, compile a list of phone numbers of potential clients, and systematically call them, briefly and effectively explaining the benefits of your service. Don't get discouraged if the first 10 calls don't yield results - persistence pays off! You can apply the same logic by walking directly to a potential client if possible.

6. Participating in Projects and Tenders

Active participation in various projects and tenders can help you gain visibility and attract more clients in the construction industry. Keep an eye on public procurement and other projects where you can offer your services. As a cooperative, you can participate in larger tenders through collaboration if you are ready to manage a work team as a lead. These strategies can help you attract new clients, increase your sales, and earn better in the construction industry!

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