The same job, a better income!

Have a say in your own work

Eurowork is a renowned company operating in the construction industry since 2007. When you work as a member of Eurowork, you have the opportunity to affect the projects you undertake, and what your minimum salary needs to be. We provide professional coaching and personal mentoring, and offer you a long-term, continous job.

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More money at hand.

As an member of Eurowork you can affect at what rate you are willing to work. This means more money for you!

Benefits for the members of Eurowork

When you are part of Eurowork, you are eligible for various benefits. We offer professional coaching, bonuses and a support network. 

As a leader you earn even more

Are you interested in earning even more and gain experience in wider projects? As you act as a leader you can work together with your friends or as a part of a group.

Service in your own language

Wether you speak English, Finnish, Estonian or Russian – we serve you with your native language. Our personal mentorship occurs with all the languages mentioned above.

Operate your team as leader

Offer opportunities for your team and get experience from more complex work. You are also able to test entrepreneurship without risks or unneccessary bureaucracy, and concentrate on the obvious – getting the job done. 

Entrepreneur – concentrate on growing your team

Eurowork also enables more time for growing your business if you are a busy entrepreneur. By utilising our services, you are free from the unwanted bureaucracy and obligations of the employer, such as mandatory working hours. If you need extra labor temporarily or some specific competence, you are able to find trustworthy and qualified workers from Eurowork.

“I previously worked as an entrepreneur and preparing tenders, placing orders, searching for jobs, and managing all the bureaucracy took up a lot of time.

At Eurowork, I can concentrate on getting the job done!

– Rauno Hyvönen

How does it work?

  1. Contact us by using the form found on our website.
  2. We will invite you to a personal interview.
  3. We will appoint a mentor for you, who will support and assist you in your native language.
  4. We will make a contract with you in your native language and you will be ready to start working.

Find projects from the job bank

Professionals working through Eurowork use Eurowork’s job bank, where they can pick projects that best meet their skills. You can influence your salary and agree upon the job together with Eurowork. We provide assistance and support in all situations! Read more about the job bank.

Benefits of the cooperative business model:

  • Support and instruction provided by your own mentor

  • Service in your native language

  • Find projects from the job bank

  • Vocational coaching

  • Act as a supervisor and earn more

Join us!

Did you know that by joining Eurowork, you can affect your salary and the projects you work with? You also have a say in your working hours, and can take a vacation when your family wants to. Fill in the form and we will contact you.