Jobs for Construction Workers

 New age for constructions!

As a Raksa-entrepreneur you are able to maximize your work efficiency and salary. Our dedicated customer service’s help will always be available for your mother-tongue.

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Unique concept of Euro-Work- Raksa- entrepreneurship – provides easy, flexible and safer way to operate as a construction entrepreneur.

You can choose best-fit jobs for you in Raksa-workbank and make an offer for customer. You will always execute jobs under surveillance of cooperation’s management. If you are in need for training in fields such as selling or customer contacts, we are here to help. We are held responsible for financial, bureaucratic, job’s quality and outcome for customer.

 More flexibility to your time-management

We help you to develop your working methods including time-management. You are able to generate more free-time.

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Raksa- entrepreneurship you are able to develop your working methods and learn new innovative techniques. By doing so, you are able to increase the efficiency and salary of your work which gives you more free-time.

You can influence your working days and hours. In addition, you can use other Raksa-entrepreneurs when you see it is suitable. Salary is created by your job input which enables you to do longer working hours and balance it with longer weekends by not decreasing your salary.

 Jobs from the “job bank”

Raksa-workbank you get jobs that are correlating your own experience and know-how within team or individually.

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There are two Raksa-workbanks: Consumer and Corporate workbanks

Consumer workbank consists of jobs that are based on home renovations and different type of construction jobs. Consumer jobs require wide-range experience and know-how including multi-tool pack. Finnish is often required but other languages are always advantage. Consumer renovations and constructions jobs are basically done on contract-basis which provides stable income for you.

Corporate workbank consists companies that are searching for hourly-, contract- or temp-workers. Tenders are often concerned with construction assistants and professionals such as electricians, plumbers, tilers, carpenters and demolition workers. For successful conduction of jobs basic level of Finnish is required and basic construction tools.

 More income!

As a Euro-Worker you are able to plan and execute jobs with cost efficient and timely manner that increases the income of your.

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As a Raksa-Entrepreneur your salary will be based on the jobs you have executed. By exploiting the workbank’s offers actively, selling your know-how and experience and maximizing your working methods you will grant yourself better income level.

You as an Euro-Worker are able to define your pension in accordance with the current life situation.

 Entrepreneurship without risk!

EuroWork has operated almost for two decades which has increased its reliability and recognition throughout different markets. It is cooperation of people that takes care of each other.

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There are multiple light entrepreneurship companies on the market currently where all financial, reclamation, pricing and corporate responsibility is left on job executioners shoulders. We do not work like this. As a Raksa – Entrepreneur you are able to impact your quality of work and efficiency. Also, your income is dependent on the outcome of your work which is always paid on time

 Straight way to entrepreneurship!

Welcome to growing group of Raksa- Entrepreneurs. Here you can operate as Kymppi which enables you to lead a team of your choice that gives you the best income level.

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Raksa-Entrepreneurship suits well for person that has ability and motivation to sell, price and execute jobs together with cooperation’s management.

Raksa-Entrepreneurship provides easy option for those that are planning starting up your own business and the know-how is wanted to be tested.

Raksa-Entrepreneurship is great option for existing entrepreneur who feels that bureaucracy linked to entrepreneurship to be too great as it can reduce family-time or be too challenging.

Euro-Entrepreneurship is the option for you whether your are existing entrepreneur but facing too difficult and major obstacles or tired due to bureaucracy.