What is Eurowork?

Eurowork brings workers and customers together – even at a short notice

Eurowork has for a long time provided workers for various building and renovation sites in the construction sector for both corporate and household customers in the Uusimaa Region and elsewhere in Finland.

Our new cooperative business model enables the workers to choose their jobs and schedules, whilst also providing flexibility in the pricing of the work completed through Eurowork. Our professionals are responsible for the quality and schedule of their work, as well as for using the correct work methods in accordance with our delivery terms.

The right professional for each job

Eurowork verifies the vocational skills and references of each worker during a personal interview and maintains their skills through regular vocational coaching. Our motto is “The right professional for each job”.

Our teams enable us to implement large, demanding, and long-term projects under the customer’s supervision, where required.

Our main goal is to offer skilled, professional, and multilingual builders an opportunity to achieve a better and more carefree income, as well as interesting and varying projects and security and care in all life situations.